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  • Elf Owl PistolElf Owl Pistol

    Elf Owl Pistol 7.62x39 ($1,195.95)
    reviewed by Matt ryan

    Got my elf owl pistol in 762x39 and in thunder blue. The color looks great and the firearm seems to be 1 MOA or tighter. Had a few a 5 shot 1.75 groups at 200 yards. Threw a 3x12 on there for some extra reach. Jtac is a great custom shop they helped me out with all my questions and anything extra I asked them to do. They seem to always be coming out with innovations to their products.

    God bless

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  • 300 BLK Elf Owl Pistol300 BLK Elf Owl Pistol

    Elf Owl Pistol .300 Blackout ($1,199.95)
    reviewed by Ben Hoffman

    I absolutely love my 300blk elf owl. It is probably my most fun gun to shoot and the quality is fantastic. It is great to show off at the range to everyone and extremely quiet with a suppressor. I will definitely be ordering another gun from JTAC in the future.

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