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  • screech owl 700 chassisscreech owl 700 chassis

    Screech Owl 700 Chassis (From: $449.95)
    reviewed by Joe

    Purchased a Screech Owl chassis to build a compact truck gun. Loved the idea of this style chassis and bought it hoping it would be well made and comfortable. My expectations were exceeded. Absolutely top notch workmanship and a very well thought out chassis.

    Stock deploys quickly, is solid, and has a well designed comb height adjustment. Machining is clean and accurate and everything about the chassis just works.

    Well done JTac!

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  • Elf Owl Pistol 1:7 .300 Blackout ()
    reviewed by Jason

    I love my 300blk Elf Owl!

    What a great little package. I have an Eotech Voodoo mounted. The Voodoo has a dialable turret. With 120gr Barnes Target, I can't miss 8" plates out to 425yds (5.8mils!).
    So far, I am very happy with this little handy 300blk.

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