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  • Elf Owl ChassisElf Owl Chassis

    Elf Owl Chassis (From: $449.95)
    reviewed by Will

    Very well built chassis. All of the tolerances have the right amount of tightness so all in all it feels solid and makes for a very fun shooter. The telescoping stock is a really great touch and is worth the extra spend. Compared to other similar stocks I’ve tried this one is much better. The chassis is very light but sturdy. When you pair it with a light weight barreled action you have an extremely light weight long range shooter.

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  • stribog handguard extensionstribog handguard extension

    Stribog Handguard Extension ( $99.95)
    reviewed by Brett Redfearn

    Great upgrade for the stribog. The fit is superb. I'm currently using a 9 slot aluminum mlok rail from magpul and it works great to bridge the mlok slot from the extension to slots on the monolithic upper on the sp9a1. The factory front sight fits in the slot on the extension and when using a troy micro flip up set, the factory folded sight doesn't interfere with the function of the aftermarket troy mounted on the extension. Now if jtac would make a folding charging handle that would be great.

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