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  • Elf Owl ChassisElf Owl Chassis

    Elf Owl Chassis (From: $449.95)
    reviewed by austin johnson

    This thing is amazing. The fit and finish is imaculate. The looks and shape is one of the best looking chassis on the market. The mag release works great with the factory howa mini magazines. It's stock allows it to be very packable. The stock is stable and not loose or sloppy when extended. It handles very well, and the integrated arca rail in the handguard is a very nice feature. I would love to snag another one for a 300blk pistol build.

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  • screech owl 700 chassisscreech owl 700 chassis

    Screech Owl 700 Chassis (From: $449.95)
    reviewed by Josh

    I am very impressed with both the quality of the product (10.5" Chassis) and with JTAC's customer service. USPS lost my package for about 3 weeks and I reached out to JTAC after it was over a week late to ask if a claim could be submitted to USPS. Cody replied that USPS had done this before but the package usually showed up in a week or two and that he would get another chassis lined up for me just in case the first one never showed up. Just as he said it randomly showed up one day - get your stuff together USPS!

    Shout out to Cody for the very quick and helpful customer support!

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