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  • Screech Owl PistolScreech Owl Pistol

    Screech Owl Pistol .308 Winchester ($1,474.99)
    reviewed by Adam Bowman

    I got this screech owl in a 14.5” barrel, just finished setting it up and boy. The fit and finish is absolutely superb. The accuracy is definitely going to be sub moa once I get a load worked up for it, shot 1” with factory federal 150g power point so I know with eldx and some playing around it will be stellar. Don’t think, just buy the damn thing. And this company did excellent keeping me informed when they had issues with actions being discontinued and answered my messages same day every time. Excellent little gun. I’m excited to take it out and really dial it in.

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  • Stribog Handguard Extension InstalledStribog Handguard Extension Installed

    Stribog Handguard Extension ( $119.95)
    reviewed by Brad Isaacson

    I had a few reservations about this extension for my Bog, but I pulled the trigger and bought it. All my questions were answered and then some.
    The pros: The mounting tabs do not interfere with the HB Industries folding charging handle. The finish and color is nearly a perfect match with the stock finish and there is no imperfection of the extension matching the exact profile of the stock extruded handguard. The web site shows probably a beta version that didn't quite match up. I was concerned that the longer proportions of the finished product would be wonky. All in all, the new proportions are fine and kind of reminds me of the Sig MPX handguard for their 8" barrel. Now the added real estate allows for a grip that is not so cramped, even with my weapon light mounted to the longer bottom rail.
    The cons: The front flip up sight is very difficult to get a hold of, to flip it up, as it is nestled in a pocket, now, where the new top rail meets the existing rail. That's it. That is my only con!
    Jtac offers an add on that truly delivers a great package. The functionality of my Bog is now much better . Maybe I should offer my services as a Front Man for Jtac. And, it would be great if I could post a photo.

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