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  • Screech Owl 700 ChassisScreech Owl 700 Chassis

    Screech Owl 700 Chassis ($399.95)
    reviewed by SC141

    Well constructed and light weight. The only issue I had was with my Vudoo Gunworks V-22 with aTriggerTech diamond. The safety rubbed the chassis and made it very difficult to move. I had to remove material from the chassis in order to resolve this issue. Another issue was the magazine would fit very loosely and cause some feeding issues although that could be a vudoo problem. Just be aware if you have the same application, it will take some fitting to get it to run well.

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  • Elf Owl PistolElf Owl Pistol

    Elf Owl Pistol 7.62x39 ($1,195.95)
    reviewed by Matt ryan

    Got my elf owl pistol in 762x39 and in thunder blue. The color looks great and the firearm seems to be 1 MOA or tighter. Had a few a 5 shot 1.75 groups at 200 yards. Threw a 3x12 on there for some extra reach. Jtac is a great custom shop they helped me out with all my questions and anything extra I asked them to do. They seem to always be coming out with innovations to their products.

    God bless

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