Standard Cerakote: Barrel

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Don't see your color? Select "other" and let us know what color you want in the order comments.
Please provide the correct name or part number of the color you would like.

Want your barrel in a different color, or simply need it refinished in something more durable than what it currently has? Send it to us and our finishing expert will apply a sturdy new layer of Cerakote. We have a wide selection of common gun colors that will work well with your existing or potential theme. If you do not see the color you would like, please either contact us and we will get it for you, or select "other" in the Color menu and type your desired color in the order comments.*  Please make sure you type the correct color name or part number. After selecting a color and completing the checkout process, we will send you an email with information on how to ship your part to us. Our standard lead time is about two weeks.

Please note that this service is for individual, disassembled barrels only. If you send us an assembled firearm wanting only individual parts coated, we can disassemble and reassemble it for you for a $20.00 - $30.00 labor charge depending on the firearm.

*May increase lead time. For this application we will apply H or C (High Temp) Series colors.