Complete Elf Owl Pistol

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Available for Pre-order Mid November!

The Elf Owl Pistol, is a compact, bolt action pistol built using the JTAC Industries Elf Owl Chassis system and the Howa Mini Action.

Complete Pistol Information

  • Pistols are manufactured using shortened Howa Mini Action barreled actions
  • Calibers initially available include: .300BLK, 7.62x39mm, .223 Rem and 6.5 Grendel
  • Barrel and rail lengths depend on caliber (See below)
  • Pistols are available with either the Telescoping Pistol Brace Adaptor, the AR-15 Buffer Tube Adaptor or the 1913 Pic Rail Adaptor
  • Pistols come standard with either the Magpul MOE K Grip or the Ergo 4093 Grip

Barrel and Rail Length Specifications:


Barrel length: 6.5 or 9”

Rail length: 5.5 or 8”


Barrel length: 12.5”

Rail length: 11.5”

6.5 Grendel

Barrel length: 12.5”

Rail length: 11.5”

.223 Rem

Barrel length: 12.5”

Rail length: 11.5”


Coming soon!