Elf Owl Pistol

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Please choose a caliber to see barrel and handguard length options for that caliber.
Please choose a barrel length for .300 Blackout (Note that the 7" barrel configuration can be equipped with our suppressor compatible rail).
Our 7.5" Suppressor Compatible Handguard for the 7" barrel allows the installation of a suppressor while maintaining the 7.5" handguard length. There are options for a maximum suppressor diameter of 1.5" or 1.8"
Pistol brace adapters provide different options for mounting pistol braces to your chassis. You can buy the brace yourself, or for certain braces you can buy it from us! A pistol brace adapter and brace are not required for the chassis to function, but they will make it easier to shoot. The "AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter" allows you to install any pistol brace that uses an AR-15 buffer tube, while the "1913 Picatinny Adapter" allows you to mount braces that use 1913 Pic rail to attach to your pistol. Our "Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adapter" is designed to work with the Tailhook MOD 1 pistol brace and is not compatible with any other brace type. Also, if you want to buy just the pistol for now, and then decide what brace you want later, just choose the "None" option. The adapters will be available to buy standalone.
This brace is compatible with, and required for proper use of, our "Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adaptor". This combination creates a telescoping brace system which allows for a compact package when fully collapsed
Swaps the fixed cheek weld to an adjustable version
The Cerakote color of your choice will be applied to the chassis, rail and adapter block on any brace adapters ordered
If available, please upload a copy of the FFL you would like your firearm shipped to. This will expedite shipping once your order is ready.

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Send FFL info to info@jtacindustries.com or attach via the option above.

The Elf Owl Pistol is built using the JTAC Industries Elf Owl Chassis and Howa Mini Actions. This combination creates a portable, modular and affordable bolt action pistol platform. Whether you need a truck gun, lightweight hunting system, compact precision pistol or just something small to shoot the varmints with the Elf Owl pistol can handle it.

Complete Pistol Information

  • Pistols are manufactured using shortened Howa Mini Action barreled actions
  • Calibers initially available include: .300BLK, 7.62x39mm, and 6.5 Grendel
  • All muzzle threads are 5/8x24
  • Barrel and Handguard lengths depend on caliber (See below)
  • Handguards are M-Lok compatible
  • Pistols are compatible with either the Telescoping Pistol Brace Adapter, the AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter or the 1913 Pic Rail Adapter
  • Pistols come standard with either the Magpul MOE K Grip or the Ergo 4093 Grip
  • Select Cerakote colors are available for a $75 up-charge
  • All chassis parts standard coated in Smoke Cerakote Elite (Barreled Action and Cheek Piece are Graphite Black Cerakote)
  • The base pistol includes one Howa Mini Action magazine, cover plate for rear adapter connection point, thread protector, and either a 1913 Pic rail or our RMR Adapter for optics.

Barrel and Handguard Length Specifications:

(If longer length in any caliber is desired please write it in the order comments)


Barrel length: 7, 9 or 12.5”

Barrel Twist: 1:7

Hand-guard length: 5.5, 7.5, 7.5" Suppressor Compatible or 9.5"


Barrel length: 12.5”

Barrel Twist: 1:9.45

Handguard length: 5.5, 7.5, or 9.5”

6.5 Grendel

Barrel length: 14.5”

Barrel Twist: 1:8

Handguard length: 5.5, 7.5, or 9.5”

.350 Legend

Barrel Length 12.5"

Barrel Twist 1:16

Handguard length: 5.5, 7.5, or 9.5”

Weight Specifications:

Base Pistol Weights (Includes pistol grip and top rail):

6.5" Barrel with 5.5" Rail is 4.1lbs

6.5" Barrel with Suppressor Rail is 4.2lbs

9" Barrel with 5.5" Rail is 4.3lbs

9" Barrel with 7.5" Rail is 4.4lbs

12.5" Barrel with 5.5" Rail is 4.8lbs

12.5" Barrel with 7.5" Rail is 4.9lbs

Brace Adapter Additional Weight:

1913 Pistol Brace Adapter adds 0.1lbs

AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter adds 4.4lbs

Telescoping Tailhook MOD1 Adapter adds 1lbs

Brace Additional Weights:

SB Tactical FS1913 adds 0.63lbs

Tailhook MOD1 adds 0.3lbs

Pistol Brace Adapter Options:

Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adapter 2.0 ($149.99) (Adapter Only)

  • Designed for use with the Tailhook pistol brace
  • Fixed cheek piece standard
  • Adjustable cheek piece available for $39.95
  • Bolt is operable while brace adapter is fully collapsed
  • All parts standard coated in Smoke Cerakote Elite
  • 3 brace positions 11", 12" and 13"
  • Brace adapter can be quickly pulled to any position
  • Single bolt installation of adapter

 AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter ($39.99) (Currently Unavailable and under redesign)

  • Compatible with mil-spec buffer tubes and end-plates
  • Aerospace grade aluminum construction
  • Standard coated in Smoke Elite Cerakote
  • Single bolt installation of adapter

 1913 Rail Adapter ($39.99)

  • Allows for use of stock and brace systems that utilize vertical 1913 Pic rail for installation
  • Aerospace grade aluminum construction
  • Standard coated in Smoke Elite Cerakote
  • Single bolt installation of adapter

Pricing Information (Pistols) (Pistol only)

  • .300BLK Pistol (No Brace): $1149.95
  • 6.5 Grendel Pistol (No Brace): $1149.95
  • 7.62x39 Pistol (No Brace): $1149.95

This product is not currently available in the state of California.

NOTICE!! These firearms are pistols and are not intended to be fired from the shoulder in any configuration!!!!

IMPORTANT! This product must be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder. When ordering please include the shipping address of the FFL holder where you intend to pick up your pistol. The address must match the address listed on their actual FFL. After ordering, your order will be placed on hold until a copy of the aforementioned FFL is emailed to us via info@jtacindustries.com for verification purposes.

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