Pilum T-1

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Contact us at 813-473-8110 or info@jtacindustries.com to order.

Core Specifications:

  • Standard Calibers Available: .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel Length: 22-26”
  • Barrel Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Profile: #7
  • Muzzle: 180 Degree Crown, 5/8x24 Threads
  • Muzzle Device: TBAC 30CB Brake
  • Bolt Type: 2 Lug
  • Bolt Coating: DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)
  • Action Material: 4140 Chrome-molly Steel
  • Chassis: XLR Industries Evolution
  • Magazine: AICS
  • Stock: Fixed, and Fully Adjustable
  • Rail System: 14” Tubular M-Lok compatible
  • Trigger: Timney Single or Two Stage (Adds $45)
  • Accuracy: Guaranteed 1/2MOA with match ammunition
  • Rifle Coating: Cerakote in any in-house pattern
  • Weight:25lbs
  • Length:5” (Max length of pull) 39.5” (Min length of pull)

*Weight and overall length are determined with an 22" barrel. (Recommended barrel length varies based on caliber and application.)

Purchase Information:

  • Standard lead time: 5 months
  • Payment terms: 100% upfront online. Call for 50% down, 50% at shipment (Shipment can be delayed to 5-month mark by customer if rifle is ready early)
  • Included Items: Rifle (No optic), Polymer carry case, One AICS Short Action P-Mag, XLR picatinny rail adapter (5.5”), XLR quick detach sling mount

IMPORTANT! This product must be shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder. When ordering please include the shipping address of the FFL holder where you intend to pick up your rifle. The address must match the address listed on their actual FFL. After ordering, your order will be placed on hold until a copy of the aforementioned FFL is emailed to us for verification purposes.


Detailed Feature List:

4140 chrome-moly short action with DLC coated bolt

Provides a smooth, and easily cleaned action.

A faster lock time (2.3 milliseconds 11.5% faster than standard 700 style actions) and lighter strike (4.3 in/lbs) produces less disruption to the rifle when firing.

Double pinned recoil lug for greater rigidity and better alignment.

22-26” 5C Rifled Barrel

Barrels are crafted Broughton blanks made from 416R Stainless Steel. They are pull button rifled and stress relieved five times throughout the production process. Then each barrel is hand lapped with a uniform land and groove diameter up to 0.0001" from breech to muzzle.

5C rifling (Canted Lands) provides higher muzzle velocities, increased bore hardness, and extended barrel life. Rifling twist rate varies with cartridge and caliber selection.

Timney Trigger

Available in either 3lb single stage, or 2.5lb two stage configurations.

Every Timney trigger is made from a solid block of heat-treated steel, so there's no connector bar to come loose.

Additionally, each trigger comes with a trigger blocking safety, meaning there's no way to move the trigger when it's on safe.

XLR Evolution Chassis

6061 T6 aluminum chassis.

Large trigger guard for easier gloved use.

Large Bolt Knob

Eases use of the action with gloves.

Premium Muzzle Break

Standard is the Thunder Beast CB Break, which is Ion Bond coated, and compatible with all Thunder Beast quick detach suppressors.

Other Muzzle Devices can be substituted upon special request.

Fully Adjustable Stock

Adjustable for length of pull, cheek rest height, and recoil pad height.

Quick-detach flush cup mounts.

Set up for ambidextrous use.

14” Aluminum Handguard

M-Lok compatible mounting points

Takes Standard AI Magazines

The chassis and action accept both standard AICS magazines as well as AW double stack magazines.

The magazine catch/release is ambidextrous for easy use from either side of the rifle.

Custom Cerakote Finish

Customer choice of standard patterns included. Premium patterns available (contact us for pricing).

More About the Pilum Design

Ultimate Range and Accuracy

When we began to approach precision rifles our goal was to build guns that struck the balance between portability and accuracy. At the same time, however, we recognized that there is a broad swath of shooters (ourselves included) who just want to head down to the range and knock on steel as accurately as possible. It is this shooting desired experience that is at the center of our design philosophy for the Pilum T-1. In order to achieve the maximum range and accuracy possible, the T-1 comes standard with our special #7 contour barrel. The barrel is available from 22-26 inches* depending on the intended caliber, user preference, and whether or not regular suppressor use is intended. This rifle, as with all our other precision rifles, will shoot ½ MOA or better with match grade factory ammunition, and may achieve an even higher level of accuracy when using hand loads.

Solid Foundation, Flexible Ergonomics

We chose the rock-solid XLR Evolution chassis as the foundation for the T-1. This chassis, along with the hand bedding applied to every rifle, results in an unshakable shooting platform. However, a durable foundation is not the only helpful feature offered by the Evolution chassis. It also provides a 14” modular, free-floating tubular handguard just in case shooting from an unconventional position is required. The handguard itself works to protect the barrel from accuracy-degrading contact, and 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock modular rail mounting points offer aftermarket attachment support for bipods, range finders, and night optics. Finally, to promote comfort and ease of use on the range, the Pilum incorporates a fully adjustable stock for length of pull, recoil pad height, and cheek rest height, as well as a hand filling pistol grip, and oversized bolt knob.

No Aspect Left Untouched

We believe in what we call an “Intentional Design” philosophy. This means we approach every part of every product we produce with the intention to help it perform its job as well as possible. This approach can be seen in the Pilum. The 4140 chrome-moly, precision-machined action with double pinned recoil lug, is paired with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated bolt assembly which is hand lapped prior to coating. This bolt assembly incorporates specially designed straight fluting which, along with the DLC coating, create a butter smooth action, making this rifle as pleasant to re-chamber as it is to shoot. The enhanced firing pin assembly reduces the lock time to 2.3 milliseconds, reducing rifle disruption while firing. Also assisting in the shooting endeavor itself is either a 3 lb single stage or a 2.5 lb two stage Timney trigger, with trigger blocking safety, as well as a Thunder Beast Arms two chamber muzzle break for maximum recoil mitigation. The TBAC break includes their taper mount system allowing easy use of their line of precision suppressors. To top it all off, a full Cerakote finish is included in the majority of our in-house patterns.