Glock Slide Cut - Trijicon RMR / Holosun HE508T

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Don't see your color? Select "other" and let us know what color you want in the order comments.
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This cut is designed to allow the user to mount a Trijicon RMR or Holosun HE508T optic directly to their slide. Each cut is recessed into the slide, and sized to the optic being used to ensure a precise and solid fit. (Image coming soon)

*Comes with base plate to ensure battery seal.

This slide cut, as with all our others, includes a refinishing in Cerakote with a variety of colors to choose from.


We accept slides assembled or disassembled. For precise sizing please include the RMR you intend to mount when you ship us your slide.

Detailed shipping instructions will be sent to you in an email after checkout. Our lead-time is approximately two weeks from the time we receive the slide.

Do not send us the pistol frame when ordering this service.
Shipping the lower frame of a handgun requires next day air service. If you ship us the frame any other way you will be in violation of federal law. Since it's much cheaper to not pay for next day air, don't send us the frame unless you're getting it modified.