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Select "Yes" if you are shipping us a barreled action to have it shortened and manufactured as a firearm. Please write your preferred barrel length in the order comments
Note: This option includes and requires choosing an "Optic Mounting Option" and "Pistol Grip"
Do you intend do build a rifle or pistol on your chassis? Please note that any firearm with a barrel less than 16" must be built as a pistol unless it is registered as a short barreled rifle.
Pistol brace adapters provide different options for mounting pistol braces to your chassis. You can buy the brace yourself, or for certain braces you can buy it from us! A pistol brace adapter and brace are not required for the chassis to function, but they will make it easier to shoot. The "AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter allows you to install any pistol brace that uses an AR-15 buffer tube, while the "1913 Picatinny Adapter allows you to mount braces that use 1913 Pic rail to attach to your pistol. Our "Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adapter" is designed to work with the Tailhook MOD 1 pistol brace and is not compatible with any other brace type. Also, if you want to buy just the chassis for now, and then decide what brace you want later, just choose the "Base Configuration", the adapters will also be available to buy standalone.
Choose either our "Elf Owl Telescoping Stock", or one of our stock adapters. Stock adapters allow you to install various aftermarket stocks on your chassis. The "AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter allows you to install any stock that uses an AR-15 buffer tube, while the "1913 Picatinny Adapter allows you to mount stocks that use 1913 Pic rail to attach to your rifle. If you're not sure what stock you want to use, you can also choose the "Base Configuration" and buy a stock or stock adapter later.
Our Elf Owl Telescoping Stock is required for us to build an Elf Owl Rifle for you
This brace is compatible with, and required for proper use of, our "Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adaptor". This combination creates a telescoping brace system which allows for a compact package when fully collapsed
This brace is compatible with the 1913 Picatinny Adapter. It is light weight and capable of side folding for a compact package.
The Cerakote color of your choice will be applied to the chassis, rail and adapter block on any brace/stock adapters ordered (On the Elf Owl stock we will also coat the cheek piece)
Pick this option if you are building a rifle and would like a muzzle device permanently attached. We will size the barrel length so that it comes to 16.1" with the muzzle device. You will need to ship us your muzzle device with a copy of your order confirmation.

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Chassis will ship within two weeks of the order date!

The ELF OWL, is a compact, affordable and modular chassis system currently available for the Howa Mini Action. Featuring the ability to install interchangeable brace/stock adapters and an included M-Lok compatible handguard, you can easily create the perfect pistol or rifle configuration for your use. The Elf Owl chassis is an excellent platform for bulding compact truck guns, portable hunting rifles or precision rifles, and long range capable bolt action pistols.

NOTE: Shortening Howa Barreled Actions for pistol builds IS legal, and does not create a short-barreled rifle. Howa Barreled Actions are not classified as rifles by the manufacturer, but rather as “Barreled Receivers”. Meaning they can be completed as either rifles or pistols.

Build My Elf Owl:

If you ship us a barreled action we can build your Elf Owl for you! We will shorten and re-thread the barrel as well as install it in the chassis you order. Please note that we cannot shorten a barreled action that was in a rifle to less than 16". Doing so would create an SBR not a pistol.

Pin and Weld: For those who want to cut a little extra length off of their rifle build, we do offer a pin and weld service. This service permanently attaches a muzzle device, making it a part of the barrel's overall length. All you need to do is check the option that appears once you select, "Build my Elf Owl for Me" in the product options, and then ship us your muzzle device with a copy of your order. We will size the barrel length correctly so that it comes out to 16.1" with the muzzle device attached.

NOTE: Some muzzle devices do not have a good location to pin and weld. If you are unsure if your muzzle device can be pinned and welded please email us a picture for verification.


Chassis Core:

  • Compatible with Howa Mini Action barreled actions
  • Flared mag well designed to accept standard Howa Mini Action magazines
  • Accepts any AR-15 pistol grip without an integrated dovetail (Not included)
  • Large trigger guard for gloved operation
  • Machined from a single block of aerospace grade aluminum
  • Modular stock and brace adapter system that provides simple single bolt interchangeability of different stock and pistol braces.
  • Select Cerakote colors are available for a $75 up-charge
  • All parts standard coated in Black Cerakote
  • Weighs approximately 1.2lbs with 7.5" rail and rear cover block installed

Handguard Features:

  • M-Lok compatible
  • Aluminum construction
  • Three options available 5.5, 7.5 or 7.5” Suppressor Compatible
  • The 7.5" Suppressor Compatible Handguard is designed for use with a 6.5" barrel length and 1.5" or smaller diameter suppressors. It allows the suppressor and rail to overlap for about 2".

Weight Specifications:

Base Chassis Wights (Includes Chassis, Rail, and Hardware):

Base Chassis with 5.5" Rail 1.28lbs

Base Chassis with 7.5" Rail 1.35lbs

Base Chassis with 7.5" Suppressor Compatible Rail 1.34lbs

Brace Adapter Additional Weight:

1913 Pistol Brace Adapter adds 0.1lbs

AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter adds 0.4lbs

Telescoping Tailhook MOD1 Adapter adds 1lbs

Brace Additional Weights:

SB Tactical FS1913 adds 0.63lbs

Tailhook MOD1 adds 0.3lbs

Stock/Brace Options:

Telescoping Stock ($249.99)

  • Bolt is operable while stock is fully collapsed
  • 3 positions for LOP: 11.75", 12.75" and 13.75"
  • Stock can be quickly pulled to any position
  • Aluminum cheek weld
  • Adjustable cheek weld height
  • Adjustable butt-pad height
  • All parts standard coated in Black Cerakote
  • Single bolt installation of stock


Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adapter ($149.99) (Adapter Only)

  • Designed for use with the Tailhook pistol brace
  • Bolt is operable while brace adapter is fully collapsed
  • All parts standard coated in Black Cerakote
  • 3 brace positions 11", 12" and 13"
  • Brace adapter can be quickly pulled to any position
  • Single bolt installation of adapter


AR-15 Buffer Tube Adapter ($39.99)

  • Compatible with mil-spec buffer tubes and end-plates
  • Aerospace grade aluminum construction
  • Standard coated in Black Cerakote
  • Single bolt installation of adapter


1913 Pic Rail Adapter ($39.99)

  • Allows for use of stock and brace systems that utilize vertical 1913 Pic rail for installation
  • Aerospace grade aluminum construction
  • Standard coated in Black Cerakote
  • Single bolt installation of adapter

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