Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adapter 2.0

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You must choose the cheek piece for the chassis on which you intend to use the adapter.
This brace is compatible with, and required for proper use of, our "Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adaptor". This combination creates a telescoping brace system which allows for a compact package when fully collapsed
Swaps the fixed cheek weld to an adjustable version

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Telescoping Tailhook MOD 1 Adapter 2.0 is designed for use with our Elf Owl and Screech Owl Chassis. (Brace not included)

Note: You must select a cheek piece profile for either the Screech Owl or Elf Owl Chassis.


  • Cerakote Elite coated rods and locking mechanism
  • 3 positions for LOP 11, 12, and 13"
  • Brace can be quickly pulled to any position
  • Aluminum cheek weld
  • Adjustable cheek weld available
  • All parts are standard coated in Smoke Cerakote Elite
  • Single bolt installation of stock
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation